About Us

Ingonyama Trust was established in 1994 by the erstwhile KwaZulu Government in terms of the KwaZulu Ingonyama Trust Act, (Act No 3KZ of 1994) to hold all the land that was hitherto owned or belonged to the KwaZulu Government. The mandate of the Trust was to hold land for “the benefit, material welfare and social well-being of the members of the tribes and communities” living on the land.

When the democratic government came into existence initially in terms of the Interim Constitution of 1993 the original enabling Act was reviewed comprehensively such that the final product was a new Act albeit called the Amendment Act. This Amendment Act had to meet all the constitutional requirements both in terms of the Interim Constitution and the final Constitution of 1996. The Amendment Act was passed in 1997 and came into operation on the 2nd October 1998.

His Majesty the King is the sole Trustee of the land. The Amendment Act provides, among other things, for the establishment of Ingonyama Trust Board to administer the affairs of the Trust and the Trust land.

In line with its statutory mandate the Board is responsible for:-

  • the formulation and implementation of policy;
  • the provision of effective land administration and real estate management systems;
  • the creation of a climate to encourage development;
  • the extension of security of tenure in accordance with both customary and statutory law always subject to the Constitution Act (Act 108 of 1996).

The Board consists of the following members:

  • His Majesty the King (Chairperson)
  • Hon Mr. Justice S.J. Ngwenya (Acting Chairperson)
  • Advocate W.E.R. Raubenheimer (member)
  • Dr. T. Mbatha (member)
  • Ms J.T. Bhengu (member)
  • Mr. B.L. Shabalala (member)
  • Advocate V. Z. Mngwengwe (member)
  • Inkosi Bele (member)
  • Inkosi Mavundla (member)
  • Inkosi Shabalala (member)

The duties of the Board are to:

  • to provide strategic leadership;
  • to monitor operational performance of management;
  • to protect the Trust’s financial position;
  • to ensure that the Trust adheres to high standards of ethics and corporate behaviour;
  • to review and adopt appropriate risk management and regulatory compliance policies;
  • to set policy, standards and objectives and ensure implementation.