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Ingonyama Trust over the years has uplifted the beneficiary communities through a variety of means. The organisation has offered study aid to the youth in traditional councils, facilitated support to traditional councils and assisted in agricutural projects.

In order for Ingonyama Trust Board to effectively deliver on the community beneficiation it uses the money collected through rentals from leases on Trust land. The leases range from the development of malls, service stations, cellphone masts, mines, government institutions and servitudes on Trust land. The allocation from the government is minimal and caters only for Board administrative fees.

The money collected through leases is collated per traditional council area and distributed as such through an approved policy of the Board.

As per the approved policy the money collected is allocated as follows:

  • 75% allocated for community projects;
  • 10% allocated to iNkosi;
  • 5% allocated to iNgonyama; and,
  • 10% allocated to the Ingonyama Trust Board.

Previously there was no policy in place to determine the disbursement of there funds until recently. During the time where there was no policy the Ingonyama Trust Board relied on the Ingonyama Administrative regulations to effect disbursements. These regulations stated that an amount not exceeding 10% may be used for the administrative requirements of the Board and the remaining 90% to be used for beneficiary disbursement.

In this picture are student beneficiaries who received assistance from Ingonyama Trust Board with educational assistance during their tertiary education. They were invited in this instance by the Ingonyama Trust Board in a workshop to prepare them for the workforce. Some of the learners were given internships by the Ingonyama Trust Board in order for them to have work experience.

The Ingonyama Trust Board in its efforts to uplift the beneficiary communities purchased tractors to assist the beneficiary communities in their agricultural efforts. These tractors were handed over during an Imbizo with amaKhosi in Ulundi and were distributed to beneficiary communities with interests in agriculture.

Inkosi Machi of Izibonda Community in Harding, one of the beneficiary communities who were assisted with the setting up of an agricultural produce facility. Pictured here they had just completed harvesting beans which were sold to the local markets. They were supplied with fencing material, seeds, the container and tractor.

In order for communities to benefit from the funds collected by the Ingonyama Trust for their benefit they must contact the local iNkosi and present their proposal to the iNkosi and the Traditional Council. After consideration by this structure then the application will be forwarded to the Ingonyama Trust Board where the disbursement of the funds will take place. Members of the communities are urged not to contact Ingonyama Trust directly as their requests will not be entertained.