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Welcome to Ingonyama Trust Board Online

Ingonyama Trust Board is a Schedule 3A Public Entity in terms of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA). It is responsible for the administration of the affairs of the Ingonyama Trust. The Ingonyama Trust was established in 1994 by the erstwhile KwaZulu Government in terms of the KwaZulu Ingonyama Trust Act, (Act No 3KZ of 1994) to hold all the land that was owned or belonged to the KwaZulu Government. The mandate of the Trust is to hold all this land for the “benefit, material welfare and social well-being of the members of the tribes and communities” living on the land. The sole trustee to land under Ingonyama Trust is His Majesty the King Zwelithini Goodwill kaBhekuzulu.

In the administration of the affairs of the Trust the Ingonyama Trust Board works with AmaKhosi across the province of KwaZulu – Natal in ensuring sustainable development of the land under the Trust. Part of our responsibilities in partnership with AmaKhosi is to manage the land and make sure that it does not exchange hands and that it stays under the Trust.

Quick Facts about Ingonyama Trust Land

Traditional Councils
250 as listed in the schedule to the Ingonyama Trust Act
Land Holding
2,883 million hectares
5.2 million (Source : Statistics South Africa, Census 2011)
Title Deeds

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