How to get a lease

The client is allocated a site by a local Traditional Council and completes the Tenure Option Application form (ITB1 Form), after completion of this form the the client must get a Traditional Consent form (ITB2 Form) this form proves that the client has received the relevant consent from the concerned Traditional Council.

*Both these forms are downloadable from our website or available in Traditional Councils.Both forms together with a copy of the applicant’s ID Document are submitted to Ingonyama Trust Board and packaged for approval subject to the following actions performed.

> A land survey is done and land cross referenced to existing database to ensure there are no duplications;

> Terms and conditions of the lease are proposed and submitted with  ITB1 & ITB2 forms for board approval.On approval client is notified of the details and the following actions are performed.

> Lease document is presented to client with the terms such as, the Rental Amount, Duration of the Lease;

> On agreement Client Deposits the rental amount to Ingonyama Trust Board Bank account.Signing of the Lease agreement takes place between representatives of Ingonyama Trust Board and the client.

Client has successfully completed the neccessary requirements and has got the lease.