Ingonyama Trust Board visits Obizo Traditional Council

It was a sun shining day when the Ingonyama Trust Board delegation led by Hon Judge Ngwenya visited Obizo Traditional Council in the northern parts of the province of KwaZulu Natal. This maiden visit was for the Board to see the progress made with agricultural production in that area and to meet Inkosi Cebekhulu and the community members who are working the land there.

CEBEKHULUBOARDVISIT7The visit started at Inkosi’s residence and was followed by a tour showcasing the land which was in the process of being prepared for planting from an areal view. A visit to the site where the community members were working was also done. The joy from the members of the community was overwhelming upon them seeing the members of the Board for the first time. To them it presented some level of hope and aspirations of an improvement in their livelihoods.


CEBEKHULUBOARDVISIT3This project which was visited is part of the Ingonyama Trust Board’s intervention to job creation and promotion of agricultural production on land that is under its administration. To date a considerable amount of money has been  injected into 4 projects from a variety of communities in the province with the aim of increasing agricultural productivity and create jobs  in these areas.

To date this intervention has cost the Ingonyama Trust Board an amount of over R 4 million in purchasing of agricultural inputs from implements to seeds and soil preparation and fencing. The number of jobs created in this project on a part time basis is 69 of which the majority gender employed is women and youth.